Building a good electric fence requires the use of proper equipment and maintain the fence and the result will be a permanent structure just like the barb wire you use to use.

The advantage of using ‘electric’ or ‘high tensile’ fences is on average they cost less than a barb wire fence, since less materials are required (i.e. posts, staples and wire) and they take less time to install. 

The razor wire electric fence helps to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your compound, office building or home. It can also be used to prevent domestic animals from walking outside your farm. The electric fence can be combined with any of these four types of razor wires we stock: flat razor wire, concertina razor wire, diamond welded razor, straight razor wire fence. 

Electric fences are mental barriers not physical barriers for all classes of cattle and grazing situations. When livestock are trained properly and the fence is working the way it was designed to (ie with the proper voltage on the fence), cattle will touch the fence once and than leave it alone. This includes all seasons of grazing or pasture confinement such as spring, summer, fall and winter.


The main benefits of galvanized razor wire electric fence include:

– Resistant to corrosion

– Durability

– Ease of installation

Galvanized  Steel Wire

Galvanized steel wire is flexible and easy to use and is coated with Zinc to make it rust resistant. It is ideal as a “weaving” wire, it is shiny, versatile, and available in a variety of gauges. It can be used for fencing purposes, or for electric fencing purposes as it is made from carbon steel.

– High deterrent