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Solar Systems Supply and Installation

Due to unexpected Power Blackouts, Power Shortages, high rise in bills and also need for constant power supply as in hospitals solar system application is the most cost effective way of tapping electricity from the ‘sun’.

At BENTECH SYSTEMS  we ensure we install the perfect solar suite that meets your demands whether at home or large scale industrial plants.

What to look out for when buying solar panels?

  • Efficiency

This is the solar panel’s rate of converting sunlight into power. Higher efficiency means that one will need fewer panels. Additionally, people residing in hotter areas with more sun exposure need fewer panels, unlike those in cooler regions.

  • Power output

Always look out for panels with higher voltage rate. Most solar panels range between 200-350 watts.

  • Credibility

Always choose a reputable company with the appropriate experience in solar supply and management. To add, investigate the performance and durability of the solar panel. A good solar system should last 20-25 years.

  • Price of the panel and installation costs

Erecting a solar system calls for time and money. You need to decide on the number of panels required to meet the daily energy needs and a battery and inverter. 

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